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Benefit from Our Expertise in Colour  

We have the expertise to support you in any colour challenge. Based on our long experience of working with premium companies in the manufacturing industry from all around the world, we have developed a unique set of services to help you achieve your colour goals.

What We Offer

As your partner in colour we offer you services and solutions uniquely combined in order to best support you in meeting your colour goals.


Accurate visual and instrument-based translations of your colour standards from and to the NCS System, and other colour systems, providing closest and exact matches. This enables you to work effectively with the colour notations that are relevant for you.

Colour Analysis & Auditing

Benefit from our experience and high quality equipment and ensure one of the highest quality levels for colours. With the NCS Reference Lab we are also able to offer professional colour quality assessments directly.

Educational Services

Enhance your knowledge about industrial colours. We have the ability to offer customised education based on the latest know-how of colorimetry and how to adapt your processes to best address industrial colour challenges.

Colour Measurement

Get objective and highly accurate colour measurements from an external partner. Share your production samples with the NCS Reference Lab and get the exact NCS and closest NCS standard and other colorimetric values.

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Our Customers

We are proud to support some of the most prestigious brands in the world in improving their colour management processes.

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Colour Management

Gain insight and control of your produced colours on any indented materials.

Colour Development

Colours defined with the support from colour experts and professionals that have the market insights and know-how

Digital colour communication

CAPQ, our cloud- based system brings the colour management process into the digital era.