Efficient and Secure Colour Process  

Smart and Secure Colour Management  

With our cloud-based platform CAPQ, colour owners and suppliers are finally able to bring their colour management process into the digital era without sacrificing quality or control, while improving speed and saving cost.  

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Platform  

As a cloud-based platform CAPQ addresses four main challenges: Inter-instrument agreement, colour standard drift and wear, costly distribution and logistics, and ambiguous acceptance processes. Digitising the colour management ensures stable, precise and secure standards that solves costly deviations and saves resources.  

Reliable Colour Standards  

Stable and secure colour standards stored in the cloud, always available digitally when they are needed, only to the people that need them, reducing administration and logistics work.  

Efficient Communication  

Digital communication enables streamlined processes between customers and suppliers, building strong customer-supplier relationships over time.  

Consistent Quality  

A unified platform with traceable digital colour standards and well-defined tolerances ensures the highest quality is achieved consistently over time, reducing risk and total cost of ownership.  

Data-Driven Decisions  

Enable agile, data-driven decisions based on transparent data early on in the colour development and QC processes, saving costs and reducing iterations. 

CAPQ Modules  


Storage of colour standard information with spectral curves, gloss and material information as well as tolerance definitions.  


Distribution of standards internally within the organisation and to external partners uniquely profiled to any spectrophotometer.  


Accurate verification of results of colour production in any light source / observer and tolerance type.  


Monitor your instrument fleet and its accuracy, regardless of make or model and what QC software they utilize.  

CAPQ Profiling Engine  

CAPQ is built on a sophisticated Profiling Engine that improves Inter-Instrument Agreement down to as low as <0.1 dE00 (on an average based on actual production samples), enabling highly accurate digital colour communication, regardless of instrument brands and models in the fleet  

How it works  

STEP 1  

A profile for each instrument is created in the cloud that correlates the instrument data going in to and out of the instrument.  

STEP 2  

Standards and tolerances are defined by the colour owner, who then creates assignments and distributes standards to the suppliers.  

STEP 3  

Suppliers download standards shared by the colour owner and make measurements against them. The measurements can then be uploaded to the cloud for storage and comparison.  

STEP 4  

Colour owners follow-up on the uploaded results and communicate feedback to the supplier.  


Digital Colour Communication implemented using CAPQ  

“CAPQ’s flexibility and easy workflows enable us to move our colour processes into Industry 4.0, allowing us to work with unparalleled ease without sacrificing the high product quality that our  customers have come to expect.”  

Andreas Siedler, Project Leader Operational Development Colors 

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