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Digital Colour Management

The automotive industry is increasingly being challenged with delivering premium colour appearance quality at lower cost and with higher efficiency and shorter time to market. Today’s physical workflows are not adapted to these needs. With CAPQ, colour owners and suppliers are finally able to bring their colour management process into the digital era without sacrificing quality or control, while improving speed and saving costs.

Our Solution

CAPQ is a cloud-based platform for digital colour management and collaboration around colour development and quality control.

This addresses four main challenges: Poor inter-instrument agreement, colour standard drift & wear, costly distribution & logistics, and ambiguous acceptance processes.

Reliable Colour Standards

Stable and secure colour standards stored in the cloud, always available digitally when they are needed, only to the people that need them, reducing administration and logistics work.

Efficient Communication

Digital communication enables streamlined processes between customers and suppliers, building strong customer-supplier relationships over time.

Consistent Quality

A unified platform with digital colour standards and well-defined tolerances ensures the highest quality is achieved consistently over time, reducing risk and total cost of ownership.

Data-Driven Decisions

Enable agile, data-driven decisions based on transparent data early on in the colour development and QC processes, saving costs and reducing iterations.

CAPQ Modules


Storage of colour standard information with spectral curves, gloss & material information as well as tolerance definitions.


Distribution of standards internally within the organisation and to external partners uniquely profiled to any spectrophotometer.


Accurate verification of results of colour production in any light source / observer and tolerance type.


Monitor your instrument fleet and its accuracy, regardless of make or model and what QC software they utilize.

CAPQ Profiling Engine

CAPQ is built on a sophisticated Profiling Engine that correlates instrument data down to as low as <0,1 dE00, achieving unparalleled Inter-Instrument Agreement, regardless of instrument brand or model.

How it works


A correlation profile is created in the cloud for each instrument.


Standards and tolerances are defined by the colour owner, who then creates assignments and distributes standards to the producers.


Producers download standards and start the matching process. Results are then measured and uploaded.


Colour owners follow-up on results and approve or reject results.

Learn how we can support you

NCS Colour Management Offering

With over 40 years of experience in managing thousands of colour standards for some of the most iconic brands in the world, we have built up unique know-how regarding colour development and master management. 

Learn more about how we can support you with our colour management solutions and services below.

Colour Development

We support you in developing new colours, while maintaining feasibility and deciding on what are acceptable tolerances on all intended materials.

Colour Development

Colour Workshops

Use our lab and colour experts for a workshop with your internal stakeholders in developing your colours. With short loop time we find the exact desired colour, while also ensuring material feasibility.

Colour Matching Samples

Develop coated paper samples of exactly your colour with stable pigmentation selection, ensuring an exact definition of your product and/or brand colours.

Quality Workshops

Understand and set colour tolerances for your products, balancing cost and feasibility demands for different product segments. Develop efficient methodology of working with product colour design, suppliers and quality control.

Consultancy Services

Through our vast experience in helping companies, we have developed a unique set of services fitted to helping you achieve your colour goals.

Consultancy services

Quality Control

Leverage the experience and equipment from NCS in maintaining some of the highest quality levels for colours and get professional colour quality assessments directly from the NCS Reference Lab.

Colour Translations

Accurate translations of your colour standards from and to the NCS System, and other colour systems, providing closest and exact matches to enable you to work effectively with the colour notations that are relevant for you.

Learn how we can support you

Our Customers

We are proud to support some of the most prestigious brands in the world in improving their colour management processes.

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