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Reliable solutions that simplify your work with colour

With more than 40 years of colour expertise we are today the market leader within colour management. We are supporting companies in over 80 countries world-wide. With a well-established Colour Management Studio and Lab in Stockholm, Sweden, we offer unique cross-functional solutions adapted to your needs.

The challenges of maintaining high-quality colours

Maintaining a range of high-quality colours means handling challenges such as colour drift, fast time-to-market, new material development and time-consuming visual inspections. It’s therefore vital to ensure that all of your suppliers have valid colour masters in order to set the right colour tolerances.

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Our customers

Our Colour Management Services

Get complete control over your colours with reliable solutions that simplifies your work with colour – giving you premium colour quality both quicker and easier.

Master Management

Never compromise on your colour quality.

Quality Check

Get complete control over your colours to ensure premium colour quality.

Supply Chain Delivery

We distribute certified colour masters globally, ensuring a reliable colour result.

Produce & Re-produce

Secure colour perception by colour development of primary masters for each appearance.

Colour Development

High quality masters, stock-keeping and distribution to secure the highest colour quality in your production.

Storage Service

We securely store your masters and with annual control ensure eventual drift and stock keeping.

Colour Quality

We transfer colours to relevant material(s) to develop physical and digital high quality primary masters.

Consultancy Services

Ensure premium quality with accurate measurements, translations and colour education.

Learn how we can support you

Define, identify and visualise your colour concepts with NCS!

NCS Design Tools help you identify, define and visualise your colour concept. 
All our solutions are designed to support you in your work with colour,
from the drawing board to ensuring the final result.

NCS Block

Separate fan decks including all the NCS 1 950 Standard Colours arranged by either Hue or Nuance. Perfect for identifying the colours of different materials and finding colour combinations.

NCS Atlas

The perfect tool for discussing colour design possibilities with clients. NCS Atlas has one page for every hue which enables you to navigate quickly between the different colour areas in the NCS Colour Space.

NCS Colour Samples

Individual colour samples in various formats for colour selection, mood borads and communication of colours.

NCS Index 1950

Our most famous fan deck! With a user-friendly overview of the complete NCS 1 950 Standard Colours to guide customers in their decisions.

Spectro 1

Wireless spectrophotometer with colours in the cloud. For industrial quality control of colours.

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