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Explore a world of colours on your mobile or computer

NCS+ is the NCS software which bridges colour work with desktop and mobile compatibility. NCS+ helps you succeed with any colour design and gives you colour inspiration, trends and the possibility to browse all 2050 NCS Standard colours. It has never been easier to find the right colour for your project. Combine NCS+ with the digital colour reader Colourpin, to get a full digital solution for your design process.

Succeed with any colour design project

When starting a new project, most people use an existing setting as inspiration. But how do you go from colour inspiration to finding the colour that actually works for you? NCS+ is the smartphone app that helps you find, correct, store and share colours for any sort of interior or exterior colour design project. NCS+ enables you to find and store your colour palette online.


NCS+ has several functional and inspiring features such as exploring colour themes, combining colours and features for saving and sharing your favourite colours and palettes. You can also find colour details such as CMYK, RGB, LAB or lightness values.

Explore colour collections

In NCS+, you have access to all of the standardised NCS colours and can explore all of the NCS products, including Trend collections, the NCS Index, NCS Exterior and NCS Inspire. You can also find the 100 new Standard colours in NCS+.

Use the Navigator to find your colour

The new and improved NCS Navigator brings unparalleled ease of navigating in the NCS System, through the NCS Circle selecting the prefered hue and the NCS Triangle to select the correct nuance. You can fine-tune your selection by modifying the selected colour in either chromaticness, blackness or whiteness, giving you exactly the colour that you want.

Gain design inspiration

Save your favourite colours into mood boards, upload images or take photos of your project to provide additional context to the board. You can then share the boards with friends or colleagues to inspire and collaborate.

NCS+ for Web

With NCS+ for Web, you can work with NCS on your computer and export your work to other software for 3D modelling, print and digital art. NCS+ for Web is an user-friendly web app which enables you to get access to all 2050 NCS Standard colours.

Do you need to find the NCS Notation?

Do you have a colour sample? But not the NCS Notation, or colour code? Get a Colourpin colour reader, scan the colour sample and get the NCS Notation in the NCS+ mobile or web app.


Pin, store and share colours

Pin, store and share colours from real-life settings, directly from your smartphone. Colourpin is our best-selling digital colour reader. This slim tool fits in your pocket and is connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone application (NCS+) which allows you to easily collect and identify colours on the go. Choose from two different options; Colourpin PRO and Colourpin II.

Collaboration Villa Enhörna X NCS Colour

Discover our collaboration with Swedish influencer Frida Sömskar. Frida is the force behind the Instagram account Villa Enhörna, a place where you can follow her journey as she renovates her home, a picturesque 20th century villa, placed in the south of Sweden. Frida has used Colourpin II during two stages in her renovation project. First, she used Colourpin to find the original colour of an old wooden cabinet, dated year 1910.

“Using my NCS Colourpin, I was able to find out exactly what colour had previously been used on this kitchen cabinet, and then paint the top I had built. What a colour! Once upon a time, this turquoise-blue-green color covered our entire kitchen. Delicious, isn’t it? – Frida Sömskar.

Frida then also used her Colourpin to repaint her kitchen. She wanted, part from reusing the old cabinets, also maintain the character.

“We didn´t want to lose the character of the old; our aim was to proceed carefully so that once the renovation was complete, you would recognise it from how it had looked before.”

She used Colourpin to identify the old colour and found out in NCS+ app that the NCS Notation was NCS S 2020-G90Y. Frida then adjusted it a little bit.

“When repainting, we chose to use a linseed oil paint that was a little bit lighter, slightly less colourful and took the opportunity to lessen the yellowness to compensate for the slight yellowing that had occurred over time. The result was NCS S 1515-G80Y.”

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