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NCS – A universal colour language

Navigate our global NCS Network with a presence in over 80 counties. Find producers defining in NCS and your local NCS contact to guide you in our NCS Colour offer.

NCS Producers

Our licenced NCS Producers produce, define and communicate their colours in NCS, ensuring that the colours are accurate. Find the authorised NCS Producers that have a licence and speaks the same colour language as you do.

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NCS Partners & Shops

Visit your local NCS Partners & Shops to get the local support and guidance in your colour decision and our NCS Colour offer.

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NCS Points

Our NCS Points offer you a showroom for NCS Design Tools on display. If you wish to make a purchase after visiting our NCS Points you will find our complete offer in our Online Shop.

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Join our NCS Network

Connect with colour professionals and users world-wide. Become part of our NCS Network and get linked to thousands of users and producers globally.

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