A bold mix of styles and materials, living off the grid and the impact of artificial intelligence. The drivers for coming colour trends are as interesting as they are relevant!

Washed out pastels, earthy browns and blues and greens, in the new fan deck NCS Colour Trends 2020+ you will find an interesting mix of colours that reflects a new type of era that begins 2020. It is a time that stands in sharp contrast to previous years. Not the least when it comes to technology. The fear we once felt towards artificial intelligence has been replaced by curiosity, and we are now pairing human intelligence with artificial intelligence. Accepting the fact that it is not only part of our home, but also our lives.

However, after a generation of exposing ourselves in social media, we are now facing a backlash where we want to live off the grid – in every sense. It is a low-fi life with an eco-friendly mindset combining used items with recycled material, and a new type of eclecticism is born. Born is also the new man whom is no longer corresponding to the typical stereotype – a consequence to the rise of the new woman.

The drivers for 2020 is summed up into four different themes; New Masculinity, Shades of Incognito, Human Identity and Evolving Eclecticism.