Loose NCS colour samples in a practical shop wall display provide a great overview and source of inspiration. Choose from a complete range of NCS 1950 standard colours, or a selection adapted to your specific requirements. You can easily refill the display if individual chips run out.

Display solutions

A carefully considered wall display with colour chips not only provides an overview of your colour range, but inspires the customer and makes it possible to sell colours in a more professional setting.

Simplicity is a flexible display solution that can be entirely adapted to your needs. The display is built in modules with wall plates and colour chips compartments that can be adjusted to the A8, A9 and NCS Cascade formats. You choose the design that suits you the best, depending on the space available and the size of your colour range. For a more creative design, you can mix the sizes of colour chips and combine colour ranges according to current interior colour trends.

For those who want a ready-made solution, there is the 980 Cascade Simplicity. A complete display solution filled with 980 specially-selected colours for interior colourisation, covering the best-selling and most requested colour areas, with a visually-even spread across the NCS system.

To complement this, we recommend the NCS Cascade 980 colour fan deck for simple navigation and colour guidance.

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