Develop and strengthen your marketing and sales tactics by offering the right colour collections to your customers. Our job is to help you find new ways to sell more paint with colour products that guide your customers from colour choice to purchase decision.

A unique collection strengthens the link to designers and architects. Our colour products can be entirely tailored to your needs. Personalise them to match your brand, use NCS 1950 Standard colours or create your own unique colour selection. Examples of colour products for sales and marketing:

Provide a practical overview of your colour collections. Includes all NCS 1950 Standard colours or a unique selection of them. Sorted by hue, nuance or grouped into inspiring collections such as pastels, dynamic colours and more.

The same tools used by architects and designers to gain trust and loyalty from the professional customer segment. Assists your paint shop personnel with supportive arguments when discussing colour with customers.

Colour samples and chips to be used for colour presentation and inspiration. Get the entire collection of NCS 1950 Standard colours or separate refills to fill the gaps in your display.