Boost Sales with NCS Colour Readers

Colourpin II has been updated with a new app for a seamless transition between inspiration and colour information. The app provides the closest NCS Notation along with CMYK, RGB, L*a*b* and lightness values. Features to test colour difference between objects and to create colour palettes to share in social media. The colour palettes can furthermore be downloaded for Adobe CS/CC. The new model is smaller and have even better measurement accuracy.

Shop Rack + 5 Colourpin II / Colourpin II Refill

Colourpin II in a modern plexi shop-rack to easily place on your shop counter. You can also order refills for Colourpin II in packs of 10.


The super slim tool will fit in your pocket, allowing you to easily collect and identify colours on the go. It then also allows you to match to products such as furniture, flooring, wall coverings, home decor and more. Scan colours, find products that match, compare colours and create your own palettes.

Product size and weight 

Size: 27.5 mm diameter x 55 mm length

Weight: 29 g (incl. battery)


  1. Technical specification (PDF) >Characteristics
  2. User guide (PDF) >

App specification 

1.The app is available on the App Store and Google Play (click to download app).

2.The iOS app is compatible with iPhone 5 and later and also iPad 3rd generation or later. The Android app for version 5.0 or later is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4 and later, Nexus 5 and later, and OnePlus. The app may also be compatible with other devices. Requires Bluetooth 4.1