Ideal for use when larger or smaller samples of colour are required for colour identification, selection, specification and design. All the 1950 NCS Standard Colours are stocked in three different sizes for immediate delivery. The coated colour samples, in opaque lacquers, have their respective NCS notations printed on the back for ease of communication. The letter ‘S’ is printed before the notation to denote that each colour is part of the standardised 1950 NCS colours and all are produced and published by NCS Colour AB and adhere to the accuracy standards set by NCS Quality Center as or based on Quality Level 1. Available as colour samples with gloss 15-20. In general, a large sized colour sample gives you a better visual representation of a colour.

NCS A4 sheet

Size: 210 x 297 mm

NCS A6 sheet

Size: 104 x 148 mm

NCS A9 booklet

Size: 37 x 52 mm. A booklet of A9s includes 5 colour samples.

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