Smart colour management reduced costs

With tougher competition within the paint industry comes an increasing need to offer colour collections that are both in line with current trends and profitable. To meet this challenge and secure their strong market position, Samhwa, Korea’s largest paint industry, turned to NCS Colour.

The Challenge


“Reducing 5000 colours to 950”

Project leader, Samhwa Paints


To create a well-balanced collection of high-quality colours adapted for the Korean market.

What we did

We began by analysing the colour ranges of Samhwa and their competitors. By using the intelligence of the NCS – Natural Colour System,®© we could visualise the spread and obtain a clear picture of what colours to include.

Together with Samhwa, we reduced the number of colours from 5,000 to 950. With NCS, we created an evenly-distributed colour range with colours that were both relevant to the Korean market and that contained Samhwa’s most popular colours from previous ranges. By using fewer colours, the costs related to colour management were considerably reduced.

From Samhwa’s new colour collection, we then compiled professional sales tools in the form of colour fan decks that comprised their 950 colours. Together with training retailers to become professional colour advisers, Samhwa could support their customers and guide them in their colour choices. We also introduced Samhwa’s technical team to the NCS system in order to quality assure a premium colour collection unique to Samhwa. In doing so, we provided a result entirely in line with Samhwa’s initial request.

Analysis and systematisation provided a reasonable selection

Samhwa’s colour range consisted of 5,000 colours, which came with significant control and management costs. Following analysis of both Samhwa’s and their competitors’ colour ranges, and using the NCS system, Samhwa received a clear picture of what their colour collections should consist of.

Smart Colour Management leads to a well-balanced collection

The number of colours was reduced from 5,000 to 950. Using NCS allowed identification of the relevant colours for the Korean market, plus Samhwa’s most popular colours. Dealing in fewer colours considerably reduced the costs for colour management.

Training and sales tools – key components of quality assurance

Samhwa’s technical team was introduced to the NCS system to ensure quality assurance of a unique premium collection of colours. For the new colour collection, NCS sales tools in the form of new colour charts were compiled, and by also training all retailers, we helped Samhwa to professionally support their customers and guide them in their colour choices.

A unique and streamlined colour range, from 5 000 to 950 colours.

Reduced colour management costs

Best possible colour quality