Colour range

A carefully considered range makes a profitable business. We help you adapt your colour range to your market by creating appropriate colour collections that meet current demands.

We review your existing range and identify the colour distribution, gaps, and clusters. We suggest relevant colour areas, which then form the basis for your new colour selections. Using the NCS system’s logic, colours can be combined intelligently to create the feeling of a much wider colour range. We can also help with making the presentation of your range feel inspiring and clear.

  • Reduced costs with an evenly-distributed selection that covers the relevant colour areas
  • Concentrated sales of adapted colour selections
  • More effective colour management thanks to a clever choice of pigment
  • Highest-possible production quality thanks to clearly defined colours

Colour analysis

Managing incorrect colour standards comes with huge costs. We help you ensure the best possible colour quality – in the lab as well as on the market.

We analyse your colour range using the NCS – Natural Colour System®© to define the spread and clarify which colours to retain. As many of the world-leading companies in colour and product manufacturing can attest, reviewing your colour range is a great way to strengthen your market position. We help you streamline your range to improve colour quality.

  • Reduced costs by removing any unnecessary duplication of colours that are too close to each other
  • Ensure replicable colours with pigments that are readily available in your market
  • Reduced environmental impact with clever pigment choices
  • Best colour quality through minimal tolerances

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