For the first time, NCS Colour AB launches a colour range developed specifically for the Coatings Industry.

The colour range is very inspirational, focusing on groups of colours of most relevance for design purposes. All the colours are easy to formulate, and the most expensive colours to produce have been excluded. We have made sure all colour areas are uniformly covered. All of this inspires you and your clients to an increased use and sale of colour.


  • Colours: 1 058 stripe coated standard NCS colours, produced and controlled by NCS Quality Centre according to NCS Quality Level 2. Divided into 7 sections with 14 neutrals, 96 off-whites, 444 mid-tones, 78 accents, 210 nature, 126 dark and 90 almost neutrals.
  • No. of pages: 177 pages
  • Quality: Based on NCS Edition 2 Quality Management, in compliance with our ISO 9001 certificate
  • Weight: 0.5 kilo
  • Volume: 45 mm x 50 mm x 220 mm (HxWxL) approximately

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