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Research shows that when customers are presented with too many colours, they tend not to make a colour decision at all. Our selection of displays simplifies your customers colour decision process. Choose between colours specifically selected for interior or exterior colour design or choose the low chromatic display that enables you customer to navigate the perfect colour for them.

Use the displays to show your customers a limited collection to help them make a colour decision quick and easy.

NCS Interior 84 Display

ABOUT NCS Interior 84 Display

When customers are looking for an interior colour, they often use inspirational words like romantic, forest green or sky blue. The NCS Interior 84 display offers a unique colour sorting that enables your customers to easily select a colour that represents a specific feeling.

  • 84 beautiful and carefully handpicked colours
  • An optimised design collection for interior spaces
  • Simplifies the colour decision process


Sometimes the perception of a colour has an unintended change when it has been painted on a surface. NCS Interior 84 is a reliable colour selection inspired by Scandinavian colours. When these colours are painted, the colour perception will be as originally expected. You can feel safe that the main characteristic of your chosen colour is preserved.

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NCS Exterior 84 Display


Each row includes carefully chosen colours that will look beautiful in an exterior environment. The colours are well balanced so that the painted surface will not become too chromatic nor change in perception from what was first intended.

  • 84 beautiful and carefully handpicked colours
  • Perfect design collection for exterior spaces
  • Perfect start for your customers’ colour journey


The first row of the display is guaranteed to appear white; the second row is guaranteed to appear grey and so on. If you are looking for a red colour for your customers’ house, the display offers a selection of 6 beautiful red nuances. NCS Exterior 84 colours will make the colour decision process safe and easy and will ensure that the red nuance of your customers’ house looks as expected.

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NCS Low Chromatic 252 Display


NCS Low Chromatic 252 offers a smaller selection of NCS Standard colours and includes the smartness of the NCS system. Select from a wide range of hues and nuances within each hue. NCS Low Chromatic 252 display offers a systematic colour selection suitable for both interior and exterior colour design.

  • 252 colours with a unique sorting that will guide your customer to the perfect nuance
  • Colours for both interior and exterior spaces
  • For stores that want to exceed their customers’ expectations


A unique smartness like no other display. The sorting of NCS Low Chromatic makes it easy to find the perfect nuance. It enables your customer to adjust any chosen colour to be lighter, darker, or perhaps more blueish. The 252 colours are arranged based on the logic of the NCS System which helps to guide customers to their perfect colour.

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NCS Superior Cascade 980 Display


NCS Superior Cascade is the most space- and cost-effective display solution with its stripe-coated colour chips. This selection features a combination of best-selling colours from the industry and a complete spread of colours from the NCS Standard Colour range. It is the perfect point-of-sales solution in combination with the corresponding best-selling NCS Cascade 980 fan deck. The colour chips can easily be ordered online for refill. 

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