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The decision process of colour is time consuming, for both customers and paint store staff. That is why we have developed our paint store concept. It both simplifies the customers decision process which saves time and gives you the tools to better advise your customers and help them to succeed in transforming their idea into a real-life setting.

Attractive Package

Our paint store packages offer a combination of physical and digital colour tools in combination with training to best suit your needs.

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Attractive Packages


NCS Store Package Small is the perfect starting point for any store that wants to guide their customers quick and easy. The handpicked display includes 84 NCS Standard Colours. The carefully selected hues and nuances are reliable and often the starting point for inspiration as well as for the final choice of colour.

NCS Index 2050 helps adjusting nuances to fit your customer’s specific needs. With the knowledge gained from NCS digital education you will learn how to communicate colours as well as how to help your customers create beautiful colour combinations.

  • Perfect starting point for all stores
  • Guide your customer quick and easy
  • Handpicked colour selection that is safe for recommendation


NCS Interior 84 or NCS Exterior 84 Display, NCS Index 2050 and NCS Colourpin II and five courses of NCS Colour Communication.


Advise your customer quick and easy to the perfect choice of colour by starting from the handpicked colour selections NCS Interior 84 or NCS Exterior 84. Use NCS Atlas or NCS Index to help your customer adjust the nuance of the chosen colour. The digital course NCS in Paint Stores will help you to answer the most frequently asked questions. You will sell more paint and secure returning customers.

  • For stores that want to stand out
  • Make the colour decision easy for your customer
  • Feel confident in guiding customers to ensure customer satisfaction

NCS Interior 84 or NCS Exterior 84 Display, NCS Index 2050, NCS Atlas 2050, WS 160 and NCS Colourpin PRO, three courses of the e-learning NCS Colour Communication and three courses of NCS in Paint Stores.


This package is for stores that want to excel in selling colour and advise their customers on a high level. NCS Low Chromatic display is perfect for customers that are picky in their choice of colour. The smartness of this inspirational display enables your customers to adjust any colour to a slightly more black, white or chromatic nuance or even to a warmer or colder nuance. The digital course NCS in Paint Stores together with the NCS Design Tools in this package help to create any colour design needed that your customer is asking for.

  • For paint stores that want to excel in selling colour
  • Advise any customer to choosing the right colour for their space
  • Exceed your customers expectation with a high level of colour skills
  • 10 boards with chromatic hues between Y-G50Y, 1 board of Neutral colours and 1 board with deep colours with a touch of chromaticness

NCS Low Chromatic 252 Display, NCS Atlas 2050, NCS Block 2050, NCS WS 160 and NCS Colourpin PRO- Also three courses of NCS Colour Communication and three courses of NCS in Paint Stores.


If you want to impress your customers with a limitless colour collection, then choose this package for your stores. The powerful Cascade display includes 980 NCS standard colours and in addition, the NCS Atlas and NCS Block offers a complete collection of 2050 colours. Benefit from endless possibilities when guiding customers and when creating colour combinations. The Colourpin II offers your customers accurate colour measurements and the NCS+ app allows them to save and share the selected colours. Finally, level up your colour guidance skills with the digital course NCS Colour Communication.

  • For paint stores that want to work limitless with colour selection
  • Advise any customer to the right colour for their space
  • Perfect for stores that want to excel in selling colour

NCS Cascade display 980, Cascade fan deck 980, NCS Atlas 2050, NCS Block 2050, NCS WS 160, NCS Colourpin II and 5 courses of NCS Colour Communication.

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Become confident in colour advising

Gain knowledge and learn how to smarter advice colour

Develop your colour advising skills with NCS Colour Academy, based on the most common customer requests. Expand your knowledge of how colours are affected by different types of rooms and its surrounding environments, learn how to better advice colour and help your customers make a successful colour decision faster.


Learn the basics of NCS and how to use it as a practical tool. Become an expert in how to create attractive colour combinations and colour harmonies, as well as learning what function colours play in different environments and contexts.


Learn how to excel in selling colour. Get insights on how to solve the 10 most frequently asked and current questions from customers in paint stores, avoid mistakes and get to the intended colour result quick and easy.

The tools you need to excel in selling colour

Physical Tools

Our renowned colour tools help you easily navigate, visualise and define colours. Always based on the smartness of the NCS System. All our NCS tools are manufactured with the highest production quality the market has to offer.


The most popular NCS tool used by colour professionals and creatives globally. The fan deck includes all 2050 NCS Standard colours packaged in a new optimised colour sorting based on the flow of the NCS Colour Circle and user insights, which has made it easier to find the right colour.


A visual reference tool which enables you to work with colour combinations. A fantastic colour tool for paint stores for identifying colours, advice in colour and create colour combinations.


The multifunctional tool for point-of-sales, colour training, customer guidance or as an office tool.The ultimate tool for colour navigation and a must-have for colour professionals.

NCS WS 160

All colour professionals work with shades of white, black or tinted grey on a regular basis. The challenge is often to find a specific nuance between black and white. This fan deck offers larger colour samples which gives a more accurate visual representation to better support the decision making.

Digital Tools

Identify colours instantly and turn colour inspiration into colour!

NCS Colourpin II

NCS Colourpin II gives a visual colour match that corresponds to the surface colour and gloss that you perceive. It is the perfect tool for collecting real colour references from inspirational environments and surfaces, suitable for creative users as well as paint store staff. Place the colour reader on the surface you want to match, and the NCS colour reference appears in your mobile phone, swiftly, accurately, and wireless.

NCS Colourpin PRO

Our new and most advanced colour reader. NCS Colourpin PRO enables you to get the best match to an NCS Notation. With a precise colour reference, this colour reader will ensure that you get the right colour and the correct end result when purchasing paint, decorative materials, textile, or any physical product in industrial production among others. The perfect tool for professional painters, designers or other colour professionals.

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