Colour Adviser Programme

Guiding different types of customers in their decorating and colour decisions can sometimes be challenging. Colour speaks different to all of us, but when you master both the rules of colours and the psychological factors behind colour science, you can confidently meet customers questions and guide them in their purchase decisions.

The NCS Colour Adviser Programme is an advanced training programme for store workers and point-of-sales personnel who want to excel at selling colour. In this three-step programme, you will learn how to successfully guide customers in finding the right colour for their project. You will get the fundamental knowledge about colour theory and applied knowledge in colour design for both interior and exterior spaces.


The Colour Adviser Programme is available as e-learning on the NCS Colour Learnifier e-learning platform. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection. You have full access to the programme during 90 days from sign-up.
The courses consist of a mix of videos, reading and practical exercises, with each chapter containing self-studies and test-your-self questions. The programme offers comprehensible colour advising skills that boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty by helping your customers to find the right colour, faster.

With the programme you get:

• 20 hours of advanced colour training.
• More than 2 hours of video material.
• Learnings based on scientific research and real-life cases.
• Frequent evaluation sessions based on learning objectives.
• Interactive exercises.
• Up-to-date knowledge, including colour trends and seminars.

Colour Adviser Programme

Become an expert in colour design and colour choices. Learn why colour is so important, and the role colour plays in creating a successful design, whether it is for creating a relaxing living room or repainting the exterior of a building.

3 courses, 1 programme

The Colour Adviser Programme consists of three courses: NCS in Design, Interior Colour Design and Exterior Colour Design. For practising designers and colour advisers alike, it is imperative to be able to combine practical and theoretical knowledge. Colour design is a craft and to become skillful you need to practise in order to understand what works and what does not work. To succeed you also need to be able to explain your design and to argue for the value of spending time and money on getting the colours right. All this, you will learn during the programme.

NCS in Design

NCS in Design focuses on colour design principles and how to work with colour harmonies and combinations by using the NCS System.

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Interior Colour Design

In this course, you will learn how to take on a colour design project, as a designer or as an adviser. You will learn about the importance of colour in interior spaces and guidelines for successful interior colour design.

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Exterior Colour Design

In exterior environments, colours can change dramatically depending on size, distance and light, to mention some aspects. In this course, you will learn how to manage the complexity of these factors to make beautiful colour designs for exterior spaces.

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Colour Academy

NCS Colour offers colour training and educational content via Colour Academy with the aim to contribute to the improvement of colouration within architecture, design, colour assurance, sales and communication. All this from an aesthetic, as well as a functional perspective. Based on decades of experience and research with NCS – Natural Colour System, our educational offer ranges from university guest lectures to tailored colour education for some of the leading architectural offices as well as paint- and design brands worldwide.