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Get all the benefits when working with the NCS System

Get access to the NCS System and benefit from its smartness in your colour communication. With NCS as your foundation you can meet the global requirements from professional users working with colour.

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Communicate your colour range using the NCS System’s professional, yet simple logic.

Sell with NCS

Use NCS to connect with thousands of professionals world-wide using NCS to promote your offer.

NCS Intellectual property

Get full access to the NCS System’s Intellectual property, trademarks and professional solutions.

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Join our network to connect with thousands of professionals using NCS

Our NCS Network links producers and professional users around the world together, with over 400 NCS Licensees worldwide. Become a licensee today!

NCS License Membership

As a NCS License Member you will get additional benefits. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the License Member Benefit Package!

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NCS Colour Sales & Marketing Tools

Physical and digital solutions to find, combine and recommend colours instantly, both in store and at the customers. Explore our colour solutions that offer easy navigation among colours.

Colour Academy

Empower your staff with colour knowledge to guide customers and professional users to turn colour visions into purchase decisions. Discover our colour courses and select between physical education and e-learning.

NCS Articles

Get key insights in colour analysis and learn about inspiring customer journeys. Take part of our article series where we share unique and exclusive research studies and content for you as a colour professional designing, advising or communicating colour!