Colour quality is our legacy

Professionals value accuracy and precision. That is why we have committed ourselves to produce the most reliable colour reference material on the market. This legacy means that today, we are the number one quality mark for accurate colour communication within the paint and coatings industry.

Our colour accuracy makes a difference

We produce our colour cards using coated paint on paper. In contrast to printed samples and similar production methods, coated samples can be produced with an accuracy where the variance between products tangents what is perceivable by the human eye (~0,4 ∆E00). We are proud to offer the most reliable colour communication material on the market.

NCS Quality

For more than 40 years we have been a front runner in improving colour accuracy of colour cards.

Outstanding accuracy

Precision – that is is our promise to colour professionals and premium brands alike.

Coated colour samples

Coated samples can be produced with an accuracy where the variance between products tangent what is perceivable by the human eye (~0,4 ∆E00).

How we make our colour cards

The production of NCS colour cards is craftsmanship where experience and care for the smallest detail is being combined with new technology.
This increases efficiency and improves the end product. The key to achieving our level of quality is the accuracy of the colour standards; the master colour references that represent the target for production. We are using digital standards and communicate with our suppliers through a cloud-based colour quality platform called CAPQ. The CAPQ platform is developed by us in collaboration with the automotive industry. CAPQ enables accurate communication of colours in all supply chains.

1. The mix

The first step of the production is called the Mix. This is when the paint is produced using the list of NCS approved pigments and the official NCS Colour Standard for target. The colour is controlled in multiple light sources against the NCS Primary standard to be within the smallest tolerances in the industry.

2. The coat

The second step of the production is the coat. In this step the paint is applied on paper. Properties of the product such as film thickness, gloss level and opacity of the paint are controlled. The quality controls are executed at several instances during the production process. This ensures a high and solid quality from batch to batch.

3. The final product

In the final control step, we assess the product, including finishing, artwork and assembly. Quality procedures and requirements of NCS samples are specified in Swedish Standard SS 019100 and SS 019104, referred to in ASTM International E2970.

You can trust what you see

Our coated products are trusted by professionals worldwide. NCS coated products have the highest colour accuracy, allowing you and your customers to trust the end result. We guarantee the highest colour quality on the market, with the most accurate and reliable colour standards for sales and marketing tools.

Turn colours into your competitive advantage

Discover NCS Sales & Marketing tools that help you to advise, display and define colours easily. All with the benefits of NCS – Natural Colour System.

E-learning: Colour Adviser Programme

Invest in your most important asset, your employees. We help you elevate their colour skills to the next level. In this programme, your staff will learn how to successfully guide customers in finding the right colour for their project.

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NCS Colourpin II

This digital colour reader allows you to define and browse colours in an instant. NCS Colourpin II comes in a small and portable format and gives you an accurate colour definition.

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NCS Shop Solutions

Support customers in their colour decisions and in finding matching colours. Get an overview of the NCS Colour Space and navigate easily between the NCS 2050 Standard colours.

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