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The preferred Sales & Marketing Tools

Our renowned Sales & Marketing Tools offer both physical and digital colour solutions. Browse, advise, display and define colours easily. All with the smartness of the NCS System as the foundation. Our products are produced with the highest production quality on the market.

Personal Tools

NCS Index 2050

NCS Index 2050 is our most famous fan deck! With a user-friendly overview of the complete NCS 2050 Standard colours to easily guide customers in their colour decisions. Intuitive and logical arrangement of colours.

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NCS Cascade 980-305

A flexible tool with colour selection perfect for decorative paint and coatings, industrial paint, product manufacturers and building material. Scalable selection based on the NCS 1950 Standard Colours which are easy to navigate.

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NCS Inspire 1058

Seven chapters featuring the most popular colours within interior design. The colours are arranged in themes frequently used by designers & architects worldwide, which simplifies colour decisions.

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NCS Colourpin II

Define and browse colours in an instant with the digital colour reader Colourpin II. This small and portable format with an accurate colour definition lets customers engage with your brand.

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Shop Solutions

NCS Atlas

The ultimate tool for colour navigation and a must-have for colour professionals. NCS Atlas gives you a perfect overview of the NCS Colour Space and the 2050 NCS Standard colours.

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NCS Block

Separate fan decks including all the NCS 2050 Standard Colours arranged by either hue or nuance. This visual referencing tool is a great option for working with colour combinations.

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NCS Exterior

NCS Exterior is a colour collection specially selected for exterior design and facades. Colours are chosen with colour fastness, environmental concerns, external colouring, fittings and detailing in mind.

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NCS Colour Displays

A scalable display system that allows you to create an impressive overview of your colour range to suit your pre-conditions and needs.

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Colortek reinforced market position with NCS Tools

Colortek always wants to be able to ensure customers the perfect colour. They invited NCS Colour to overlook their colour sales and marketing process to meet the requirements of both consumers and professional users. By assembling a tailor-made mix of co-branded NCS Colour Sales & Marketing Tools, we created a set perfect for a paint shop environment to suit both Colortek’s brand and their market demands.

“With the complete overhaul by NCS Colour, we reinforced our position as the historical leader and innovator in Colour Tinting & Matching Technologies.”, says Colortek.

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