Planning ahead means the opportunity to do large savings!

By joining our co-production of NCS Colour Sales Tools you’ll receive a unique opportunity which offers you 25% discount on your order when ordering >250 pcs of our products NCS Colour Index, Cascade or NCS Inspire.

The campaign offers:

• Flexibility to create customised solutions unique to your brand and market.
• Highest colour quality
• No mixing or control costs


Customise the NCS Colour Index, Cascade or Inspire fan deck to suit your brand and specific market.

The following adaptations are available:

• Create your own front cover
• Add your own customized text pages or dividers
• Make language adaptations

We also offer corresponding colour material such as colour chip displays and colour samples in various sizes to help you and your clients sell colour.


Send an email directly to your NCS Colour Sales contact (contact information below) or to our customer service at

Please mark the email subject line: Pre Order 2020

Specify the following:

• Product
• Order Amount
• Customization Request (in any)

Order deadline: All orders need to be made by August 15th 2019 at the latest.

Delivery of Pre Orders: Deliveries will be done February – April 2020. 


NCS Colour Sales contact

Contact: Viktor Planting-Bergloo

For markets: Southern Europe, Latin America (excl. Brazil).

Contact: Kennet Vrågård,

For markets: Southern Europe, Finland, Holland, Italy, Sweden

Contact: Åse Hogmalm,

For markets: Eastern Europe, Denmark, England, Malaysia, Norway,  United Arab Emirates, U.S.

Contact: Per Jutterström,

For markets: Africa, India subcontinent, Japan, Korea, South East Asia (excl. UAE)

Contact: Christian Dorn,

For markets: Austria, Germany

Contact: Danli Mo,

For markets: China

Or Contact: Christina Chen,

For markets: China, Australia.



Based on the market’s demands for a design tool that both inspires and is easy to navigate, we have developed a complete colour solution and a new reference standard for all specifiers to use.