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Now you can join our 2023 pre-order campaign to purchase your NCS Colour Sales & Marketing Tools in volumes, with up to 35% discount. Find exciting new products such as WS 160, a fan deck containing popular low chromatic colours, as well as updated Design Tools for paint shops with the addition of 100 new Standard colours. We also present our additional fan decks such as NCS Inspire and NCS Cascade, along with display systems for your colour samples.

100 new NCS Standard colours

We have added 100 NCS Standard colours with low chromaticness to the NCS Colour Space. These colours are a constant in our top list of best-selling colours, and we have seen over the years just how important they are. Index 2050 and our Design Tools have all been updated with the additional 100 colours.

– Ingela Koski-Vähälä, Portfolio Manager, NCS Colour:

The 100 new colours are the result of a joint effort between NCS Colour and our global community of colour professionals to improve the NCS System even further.

NCS Index 2050

The Index is the most popular NCS Colour product, used by colour professionals and enthusiasts globally. Don’t miss the opportunity to pre-order your NCS Index to get a discount. The Index has gotten a completely new sorting, which makes it faster for a user to find a colour and easier to understand the flow of colours. The new design is also packed with improvements and neat design solutions for the experienced user. Last but not least, we have updated NCS Index 2050 with the 100 new Standard colours.

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100 new colours

The new addition consists of low chromatic colours that offer users greater accuracy when working with whites and greys. Whites and greys are arguably the most important colours within most industries.

new features and improvements

Smart navigation in the top corners of each page. NCS Notations are printed on the colour samples. Larger colour samples (from 20 mm → 22/26 mm).

customisable cover options

You can adapt the cover for your own brand. Choose between three different cover options; laminated paper, cardboard u-shaped and plastic u-shaped.

The new NCS 2050 fandeck is a remarkable improvement compared to the 1950. The new layout is so much easier to navigate through and makes a lot more sense especially for the novice user.

– Gabriel Vermeulen, Technical Director, Laminin Coatings

Discover our additional fan decks

The fan deck designs can be adapted in order to suit your brand, market and needs.

NCS WS 160

The most favoured low chromatic colours

NCS WS 160 includes a selection of the most popular blacks, white and tinted neutral colour samples from the NCS 2050 Standard colour range. The 160 colours are arranged by hue and divided into six chapters based on how chromatic they are, going from lightly tinted neutrals to more chromatic nuances. The larger colour samples give a good visual indication of the darkness or lightness of the colours.

Download product sheet NCS WS 160

NCS Cascade 980-305

Scalable selections based on the NCS 2050 Standard colours. Choose from a range of 305, 505, 705 or 980 colours. The fan decks are arranged in two different sortings, by hue or nuance.

Download product sheet NCS Cascade

NCS Inspire 1058

The inspirational colour selection

This unique fan deck is specially designed for Decorative Paint & Coatings. NCS Inspire features the most popular colours for interior and exterior design in a thematic structure. Seven theme-based chapters with names such as Nature, Still, Essentials and Intense, based on customer preferences. Inspirationally arranged to simplify colour decisions.

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25% discount on fan decks

Join our pre-order campaign to receive a 25% discount on your fan deck purchase. Minimum order volume: 100 pieces.

NCS Shop Solutions

NCS Design Tools 2050:
100 new Standard colours and
new design updates

  • Discounts when purchasing in volumes.
  • Available for immediate delivery.
  • Can be adapted for your brand.
  • 100 new colours + new design features.

NCS Design Tools are made for easy and efficient colour decisions. Together, these products form the perfect paint shop portfolio. Now, with the launch of 100 new Standard colours, the products have gotten several updates and new features.

NCS Colour Display

The flexible display

Get a 10% pre-order discount on a complete display. The scalable NCS display system allows you to create an impressive overview of your colour range. Several different modules and colour sample sizes give you the best possibility to adapt the display according to your needs.

Download product sheet NCS Display

How to choose a display

Step 1

Select a colour sorting

We offer three flexible colour displays, designed to suit your specific needs. With pre-made sorting, we offer the most popular colours for interior and exterior design – making it easier than ever to combine colours and guide customers in their colour decisions.

NCS Display Compact

compact – 378 colours

The Compact Colour Display gives you the most popular colours for interior and exterior colour design, sorted by hue and nuance. This colour display makes it easier than ever to combine colours for a perfect match!

NCS Display Modular

modular – 630 colours

The Modular Colour Display gives you full freedom to scale the module to suit your store. You can decide if you want modules for each hue as well as separate modules for nuances. Either way, you get the best-selling interior colours within the NCS 2050 Standard colour range.

superior – 980 colours

The Superior Colour Display gives you the complete collection of the NCS 2050 Standard colours. Select between a hue or nuance sorting to create an impressive colour display!

Step 2

Select a sample size

With three different colour chip sizes, you can easily design your colour display in both colour presentation and size. Select between A8 samples, A9 samples or striped Cascade Chips. Our colour samples are available as refill packages (20 packs) for easy purchase in our online shop.

NCS Display Compact

A8 Sample

Larger colour samples give the user the best possible representation of how the colour will look on the wall or final surface.

NCS Display Modular

A9 Sample

Single-coloured samples that offer users reliable colour references. These make it easy for the customer to decide on colours while at the same time reducing the wall space used in the store.

Striped cascade chips

Striped samples that offer the maximum number of colours per square meter of wall space. Up to 5 colours per sample with the same market-leading colour accuracy as other NCS colour tools.

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Make colours your key competitive advantage

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