Effective Colour Communication with NCS

Become an NCS Producer

Colour has the power to boost sales and drive customer loyalty. Become an NCS Producer and get access to the NCS System’s intellectual property, trademarks and professional solutions. With NCS – Natural Colour System you will talk the same colour language as thousands of colour professionals worldwide and more efficiently support your customers in their colour decisions.

NCS Inside

Make colour your competitive advantage. Benefit from the smartness of NCS. Communicate and produce in NCS and reach thousands of professionals.

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Colour Translation – notation to notation

We offer you the help to translate your colour from one specific notation to the nearest matching.

Certified Colour Samples

Single NCS Master sample, including measurement certificate, for colour matching and quality.

Digital Colour Reference

NCS Colourpin II

Define & browse colours in an instant with our colour reader. Small and portable format with accurate colour definition.

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Colour Academy

Become colour experts with Colour Academy. Empower yourself with knowledge to position your brand and improve customer relationships.

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Our courses

Discover our e-learning with a wide range of courses.

NCS in Design

Get the practical and professional tools to communicate and work with colours professionally. The course is a basic course and focuses on colour design principles and how to work smarter with colour harmonies by using the NCS System.

Interior Colour Design

Get inspired and learn how to create unique colour harmonies. Interior Colour Design focuses on colour design principles, and how to master the complexity of how colour changes based on light, material and size.

Exterior Colour Design

Learn how to take the surrounding environments, colour phenomena and other challenges that arise in exterior colour design into account, and get the tools needed to make successful exterior colour choices. As well as give your clients professional advice on colour.

Physical Colour References

NCS Index 1950

Our most famous fan deck! With a user-friendly overview of the complete NCS 1950 Standard Colours.

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NCS Cascade

Scalable selection based on the NCS 1950 Standard Colours that are easy to navigate.

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NCS Inspire

Seven theme-based chapters based on customer preferences & inspirationally arranged to simplify colour decisions.

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Our customers

Nobia Case

Kitchen supplier Nobia is one of our clients that we support in colour assurance where we create new primary and secondary colour masters with extremely high precision based on their existing colour range. Once approved, the coated sample is signed by Nobia and stored at NCS Colour Reference Lab as a new primary colour standard secured from colour drift for all future. As a last step, the colour is produced as a secondary colour masters within tight tolerances and delivered to Nobia for further distribution down their production chain.

“NCS Colour creates new primary and secondary colour masters with extremely high precision for Nobia.”

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Our latest updates!

Discover the latest news, product launches, events and workshops to boost your work with colour.

Colour Harmonies

Learn how to create harmonising colour combination based on the smartness of the NCS System in a few, easy steps.

NCS Articles

Get key insights in colour analysis and learn about inspiring customer journeys. Take part of our article series where we share unique and exclusive research studies and content for you as a colour professional designing, advising or communicating colour!


Learn the professional methodology and strategy on how to communicate and work with colour – online!

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