The Preferred Colour Language

Enjoy the Benefits of Communicating Colours in NCS

The function of the exact colour is very important. The same colour must be possible to produce on different materials and products made by different types of producers. Another benefit with using a recognisable colour language is to be able to identify a colour and as a support for making colour decisions.

A Universal Colour System

The NCS System is a scientifically proven colour system that is developed and maintained by NCS Colour AB who owns all legal rights and protects the system from any infringement.

Companies worldwide are using the NCS System for commercial purposes, and with that they support the protection of the system and maintaining the quality of the colours references over time.

The NCS Systems promise is quality over time and reliability for all that use NCS.

NCS – Natural Colour System is

  • trademarked
  • copyrighted
  • and covered by the Database Directive (96/9/EC)

When do I need a licence?

You need an NCS Licence if you

  • Use NCS commercially
  • Communicate and/or refer to the NCS System towards a customer
  • Use NCS to describe a colour
  • Use NCS in marketing material and product packaging
  • Produce or use a subcontractor producing colours in NCS

An example of this could be a kitchen company who has a subcontractor, where the subcontractor uses colours and paint from a renowned coating industry, that refer their colours to NCS notations. Then the kitchen company needs a license themselves if they would like to communicate and deliver end-products with references to the NCS system towards their customers.

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Customer benefits of defining colours in NCS

Become a relevant part of your customer’s journey

Offer your customers quality and flexibility to match their colours on different types of material and surfaces.

By offering NCS Standard Colours you have the competitive advantage of working with a colour language that your customers uses to define colour and the knowledge supporting them in their colour decisions.

What does it mean to be an NCS Licensee?

With an NCS Licence you are able to

  • Use NCS in you colour communication
  • Describe colours in NCS in digital- and printed material
  • Create your own collections with referrals to NCS
  • Integrate NCS smartness in design programmes and softwares
  • Take part of creating your own branded NCS Products

Additional benefits for your company

With a license you also get a value package containing

  • Supportive material for accurate digital referrals to NCS
  • Marketing on our website as a licencee
  • First hands access to news and updates
  • Access to digital events

Make colour your competitive advantage and benefit from the smartness of the NCS.

Communicate and produce colours in NCS and reach thousands of professionals.

Louisa Hutton Founder of Saurbruch Hutton, Berlin

“During the design phase, we specify our colour choice with the help of the samples, frequently in combination with material samples. In this phase, NCS helps us to match the desired hues with the materials and pass on this information to the respective manufacturer.”

Frank Winters, Head of Product Management, Rockfon

“By working with NCS colours, we are able to work seamlessly with designers and architects through a shared language. NCS gives a precise language to communicate colour since it is built on how we perceive colours. Because of this simplicity, NCS helps bridge the gap between our products and designers who strive to create indoor wellbeing.”

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