Colour gestalt in exterior architecture

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ADVANCED COURSE – How can colour be used as a gestalt factor in outdoor settings?

Learn what factors affect exterior colour design and make the colour gestalt more creative and successful. The key is to choose the right colours adapted to setting and surroundings.


Product Description

Colour gestalt in architecture is primarily about giving buildings and their surroundings an overall impression and is for the most part an artistic issue. You will learn about the colour design challenges related to larger buildings and entire residential blocks. With practical tips on how to make good colour choices you will gain in-depth knowledge of how colours change with distance, what colour schemes are appropriate for outdoor colour design and what possibilities and limitations come into play when selecting facade materials. Field trips will help you experience how colour, surface and material interact in residential areas and colour design exercises allow you to analyse and understand how to plan colour design for a residential area.

Who is this for?

The course is intended for people who work with exterior colour design, principally of larger property stocks and residential areas, for example architect firms or town or city planning offices, who want to learn more about how colour can be used as a gestalt factor.

Why take the course?

  • Improve your skills in choosing exterior colours by learning more about how colour is perceived on different surfaces, in different settings and under different lighting conditions
  • Learn how to create harmonious colour combinations for large property stocks and entire residential areas
  • Learn how to plan a successful uniform colour design for a residential area
  • Learn how to make better colour designs based on tradition
  • Learn the tools and skills you need to make conscious colour choices


The course fee includes lunch, refreshments during breaks, course materials, certificate and the complete NCS Exterior colour sample collection, specially designed for exterior colour design professionals (value SEK 3,500). After completing the course, you receive a certificate for the skills you have learned.


Additional information


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