NCS Exterior Colour Design

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In this online course your will learn how to take on a Colour Design Project, as a designer or as an adviser. In exterior environments colours can change dramatically depending on size, distance, light to mention some aspects. In this course you will learn how to manage the complexity of these factors to make beautiful colour designs for exterior spaces.

  • Guide customers to choose the right exterior colour for their house.
  • Create harmonious colour schemes.
  • Learn how to create a colour design project.
  • Understand and manage the complex relation of colour, light, size etc.
630.00 excl. VAT

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Product Description

The course consists of a mix of video, reading and practical exercises, with each chapter containing self-studies and test-your-self questions. On the NCS e-learning training platform, you have the freedom to choose when you want to log in and complete the course.

    • 8 hours of advanced colour training.
    • The course consists of four major blocks:
      • Part 1 and Part 2, where you learn about colour in an exterior context.
      • Part 3 and 4, where we provide you with the tools to successfully take on an interior design project.
    • Interactive exercises and frequent self-examination based on learning objectives.


  • Sales representatives, Building permit officers, Store workers and Point-of-sales personnel.
  • Work experience from making colour advises.
  • Wants to become proficient in offering colour guidance to customers.



  • Improve customer loyalty by offering colour advising as a service.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Evolve in your colour design by understanding colour from multiple perspectives.


Choose between English, Swedish (Coming soon – German)
Other languages developed on request and quote.
All videos have subtitles and original English speaker voice.



The course is available as e-learning and easy to use on computer/tablet/smartphone.

  • Internet access needed.
  • Access during 90 days from sign-up.
  • Easy sign up link that is individual for each participant.
  • Certificate of completed programme.



The NCS System is the only colour system on the market 100% based on visual perception of colour. All our courses include the smart application of NCS in colour design, from planning to execution. The courses are developed by NCS Colour Academy colour experts in collaboration with professional designers, representatives from the industry as well as our network of lecturers, trend forecasters and colour experts from across the world.


For further information or group bookings, contact us at info@ncscolour.com