International colour workshop 2019


3,280.00 ex. VAT

WORKSHOP – Discover how the impact of colour, patterns and light affect us and can be combined. With colours’ interaction and contrast reinforcement as some of the workshop’s features, you will further develop your ability to work professionally with colour in your own design discipline.

3,280.00 ex. VAT


Product Description

For Nordic people, who live in darkness for long periods, the bright light of spring and summer is eagerly awaited. It is during this period that we, for the 64th time in a row, kick off the summer version of our popular “International Colour Workshop”. Situated on beautiful Slottsholmen island lies magnificent Gripsholm Castle, dating back to 1537. Surrounded by the waters of Lake Malaren and overlooking the idyllic small town of Mariefred, you live and work with colour together with other colour designers from all over the world.

“You live with Colour together with other colour designers from around the world. What you learn here you carry with you in your daily work in the form of practical tips and knowledge.”

Over the course of inspiring days we experiment with colours, light and patterns to create new, exciting combinations. We end the week with a colour and light workshop where you realise a colour project of your own using your new knowledge. This being an international course, you not only acquire tips and tools to hone your colour design skills but also get inspiration from other cultures’ idioms. The beautiful environment, the teachers, your fellow participants and the bright, colourful time of year all combine to give you a fantastic experience around colour and light!

Who is this for?

The course is intended for people who work professionally with colour in architecture, design, furnishings, education, etc. and want to further their theoretical knowledge of and practical skills in colour through an extensive colour project and be inspired to work successfully with colour in the different expressions of design.

Why take the course?

  • Tun your colour design skills into immediate application in your design work
  • Hone your creative skills in a project of your own by experiencing a complete design process with teachers and participants from around the world
  • See inside other cultures’ design, thoughts and approaches, etc.
  • Discover how the impact of colour, patterns and light affects us and how colours should be combined
  • Learn more about how colour mixing, colour analysis and colour memory work
  • Learn more about how colour perception, interaction of colours, contrast reinforcement surrounding colours work
  • Gain insight into colour science and environmental psychology
  • Learn more about colour as language in the design process


The course fee includes meals, single room accommodation, diploma, field trips and transfer to and from the course venue. Stockholm-Gripsholm.

“Truly, the International Colour Design Workshop is unique in what it has to offer the professional working with color or anyone interested in the historical and contemporary aspects of color in our world.” – Marcia R. Cohen, USA


Berit Bergström
berit-bergstrom-web-greyscaleBerit Bergström is Consultant/Senior Lecturer at Berit ColourTalks and former chair of the international colour research organisation AIC. Berit has taught colour theory, colour design and colour use for professionals for over 25 years. She has also developed courses in colour design for colour specialists and conducted studies and colour research projects at university level worldwide.

Bengt Ahlin
bengt-ahlin-web-greyscaleBengt Ahlin is a colour and lighting designer and has assignments and projects in both the public and private sectors in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany. He has taught colour & light, colour theory, lighting design and NCS at Colour Academy since 2007. Bengt has extensive knowledge of light and colour, for example from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

Guest lecturer

Svante Petterssonsvante
Svante Pettersson, Lighting Coordinator – Lighting Designer at Bjerking, with many years of working at Philips Lighting as an Architectural Lighting Advisor with responsibility for matters relating to architecture, colour, shape and light philosophy. As an enthusiastic lighting lecturer, Svante has participated in a large number of exciting lighting projects, from spectacular illuminations of outdoor facades and monuments to more advanced lighting design in homes. As one of our lecturers, Svante will lwad the colour and light workshop where you get practical tips on how colour is perceived in different light and what you can do to optimise your lighting design.

Practical details

  • Duration: 5 days (15 credits)
  • Transfer: start Stockholm (date are coming up soon)
  • Language: English
  • Venue: Gripsholms Värdshus in Mariefred

Title programme

The course is also part of the title programme Chartered Colour Designer (43 credits) and Certified NCS Colour Teacher.