Kulturkulör – Traditional Swedish Colours

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A collection of historical pigment types with NCS notations, compiled in a pocket-size colour palette for easy colour selection.

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Product Description

Kulturkulör is a collection of 300 colour samples that shows a number of colour scales for linseed oil paint. Developed in collaboration with the Swedish National Heritage Board, it acts as a guide to historical colour design with traditional pigments.

Use Kulturkulör as:

  • a guide to historic colour schemes and traditional pigments,
  • a starting point for choosing a hue in preparation for test painting,
  • recipes for mixing paint,
  • a tool for conversion between traditional paint recipes and NCS notations.

By downloading the NCS Colourpin app and scan a code in the colour fan you get access to a Kulturkulör database. In the app you find links to the Swedish National Heritage Board’s website for more information about the pigments and how to mix the colours. The app is free, and can be used to scan colours together with NCS Colourpin SE.


  1. 300 Semi-matt colour samples.
  2. Divided in 23 different pigments listed: Iron oxide yellow, Yellow ochre, Gold ochre, Raw sienna, Burnt umber, Burnt sienna, English red, Iron oxide red, micronized, Iron oxide red, Caput mortuum, Iron oxide brown, Ultramarine blue, Cobalt blue, Chromium oxide green, Zinc green, Raw umber, Brown umber, Gold ochre + green umber, Green umber, Dark ochre, Grey umber, Iron oxide black, Bone black.
  3. Sample size: 104×35 mm.
  4. Access to a Kulturkulör database in the Colourpin app.
  5. Language: Swedish & English.


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