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HALF-DAY COURSE – How do various light sources affect our perception of colours in a room?

Learn the fundamenta ls regarding a range of different lighting techniques in order to influence the perception of colours using the right type of light source.

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In order to understand how light affects the perception of colour and space, it is important to know about various types of light sources and their respective properties. In order to understand the perception of colour, we look at the link between our own sense of sight and the light’s technical properties, providing you with the correct terminology and knowledge so that you can communicate professionally with suppliers and consultants as regards light. In the course you will also learn different lighting techniques that will help you to make conscious choices of light sources.


The course is aimed at people who work as colour designers, interior designers or who work with surface colour, and who want to acquire greater certainty of the way lighting and the various techniques affect the perception of colour and space.


  • Become more assured in your choices of light sources in relation to the colour environment
  • Acquire knowledge of various types of light sources and understand the manufacturers’ specifications
  • Expand your knowledge in order to communicate more easily with professionals in the lighting sector
  • Improve your skills regarding the relationship between light, colour and colour vision


The course includes refreshments during breaks and course materials. After completing the course, you receive a certificate for the skills you have learned.