NCS Album 2050

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Choose, compare and present your colour design with this complete range of detachable NCS Standard colour samples.

The most universal NCS Design Tool used by design studios, architectural firms and other teams working continuously with colour design.

Perfect when matching colours, creating mood boards and sharing colour references with customers and suppliers. Contains coated colour samples of all NCS 2050 Standard colours arranged visually based on NCS hue and nuance.


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2,180.00 excl. VAT

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Product Description

The NCS Album consists of two separate binders with 3 pcs of A9 samples for each NCS 2050 Standard colour.

Each colour sample has its NCS notation printed on the back, for easy refill on the correct position in the albums.


  • Two binders containing NCS hue pages Y→ R90B and B→G90Y
  • 80 NCS hue pages
  • 5 pages with neutral and tinted greys.
  • 2050 detachable colour samples, 3 samples per colour
  • Sample sizes: A9 (52×37 mm)


Quality: Coated colour samples at NCS Quality Level 1


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