NCS Atlas

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A binder with non-removable colour samples allows you to navigate quickly between different colour areas and gives a good overview of how the colours are related to each other according to the logic of the NCS system and the relationship between colour and light.


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The perfect tool for discussing colour design possibilities with clients. With the 40 colour triangles in NCS Atlas, which has one page for every hue, you navigate quickly between the different colour areas. The colours are arranged logically according to the NCS system, making it easy to find and compare colours based on blackness, whiteness and chromaticness. The NCS Atlas also includes lightness values and light reflectance values. The atlas comes with a colour mask and different similarity masks that help you to create colour combinations based on blackness, whiteness and chromaticness.



  1. Binder with 1950 non-removable colour samples
  2. Similarity masks (6) to create colour combinations
  3. Specified lightness and light reflectance values
  4. Sample size: 15×14 mm
  5. Languages: Swedish, English, German, French, Italian & Russian

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