NCS Block 2050 – Nuance

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Create colour harmonies and collections with the NCS Block arranged by nuance.

Easy fanned out colour sample blocks sized for good colour judgement and edge-to-edge colour comparisons. A perfect colour design tool for stores, showrooms and design studios or anyone advising customers.

The NCS Block nuance contains the full range of NCS 2050 Standard colours and is used to advantage when combining colours that match in nuance and visual harmony.


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870.00 excl. VAT

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“With the NCS Block I can test different colour ideas at an early stage of the design, which saves time in the process without restraining my creativity. “

Charlotte Ryberg Atelier Ryberg – ENTIÈRE

Product Description

The NCS Block comes in two versions, both containing all NCS 2050 Standard colours; arranged by hue or nuance.

NCS Block nuance is great for projects where you aim to combine colours that harmonise and play well together, for example product ranges or interior design.


  • 9 nuance blocks. One block for colours with 10% chromaticness, one for 20% and so on.
  • WS Block with 149 neutral and tinted colours sorted by nuance, including NCS Standard colours with Chromaticness = 00, 01, 02, 03, 04.
  • Sample size: 35×104 mm


Quality: Coated colour samples at NCS Quality Level 1


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Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 38 × 14.5 × 10 cm