NCS Colour Communication

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This is an online course where you learn NCS – Natural Colour System from the ground up and how to use it as a practical and handy tool. Get skilled in how to create spotless colour combinations and colour harmonies, as well as what function colours play in different environments and contexts.  

  • The basics of how the NCS System works.  
  • How to use NCS as a practical tool in design.  
  • Colour areas and colour combinations.  
  • Different colour systems and how they differ.  
  • Course certificate included.
50.00 excl. VAT

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Product Description

This course is created for everyone who wants to excel in colour communication. By learning the NCS System, you will be able to communicate accurately and precise without any misunderstandings. By using the NCS System as a tool you can get more efficient within your organisation. NCS allows for accurate cross-industrial colour communication for designers and manufacturers, retailers and customers. It is essential when you are producing, colouring or perhaps designing a space. Furthermore, using the NCS System as a tool when creating colour schemes, makes the work easier and you’ll be able to create harmonious colour combinations fast.  



The course consists of a mix of video, reading and exercises. On the NCS e-learning training platform, you have the freedom to choose when you want to log in and complete the course.  

  • 2 hours of colour training.  
  • Included: The NCS System, how it is constructed and how it works, the importance of colour, colour communication, colour areas and combinations, as well as colour systems.  
  • Interactive colour exercises.  



This course contains four parts where we go through: 

  • Basic Colour Knowledge 
  • The NCS System 
  • NCS in Practice 
  • Colour Systems 



  • Use the NCS System as a smart and handy platform.  
  • Learn how to apply NCS in practice.  
  • Manage the complexity of colour communication.  
  • Learn how to create colour harmonies and colour combinations.  



  • Anyone who needs to specify, sell or market a product.  
  • Sales representatives, Store personnel, Marketers, Professional painters.  



The course is available as e-learning and easy to access on computer/tablet/smartphone.  

  • Internet access is needed.  
  • Access during 30 days from sign-up.  
  • An easy sign-up link that is individual for each participant.  
  • Certificate of the completed course.  

Choose between English, Swedish, German or Portuguese. All videos are subtitled with original English speaker voice. 

Other languages developed on request and quote. 

Our customer service will gladly help you if you have any questions: info@ncscolour.com 



The NCS System is the only colour system that is 100% based on visual perception of colour. All our courses include the smart application of NCS in colour design, from planning to execution. The courses are developed by NCS Colour Academy colour experts in collaboration with professional designers, representatives from the industry as well as our network of lecturers, trend forecasters and colour experts from across the world.