NCS Colour Trends 2022+

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Discover NCS Colour Trends 2022+.

This limited-edition book gives you a full colour analysis of the 24 most sought-after colours in the following years.

Explore the drivers behind the colour trends and learn how happenings in our society affects our colour preferences. To provide additional benefits, a fan deck with coated colour samples of all the trend colours is included in the book.

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Product Description

Which key drivers affect our colour choices when it comes to design, architecture, and product design? How can events in our society and daily lives influence which colours we prefer? Which colours will be the most sought after in the year 2022 and onwards? The answers to these questions can be found in NCS Colour Trends 2022+.

NCS Colour Trends 2022+ is divided into four groups of colours: Zience, One, Spring Rebels and Zero. Each colour group entails six colours. These are the ones which we believe will dominate our colour design choices in the following years.



  • Limited-edition NCS Colour Trends 2022+.
  • Binder with 38 removable pages.
  • Complimentary colour trend fan deck.
  • Containing 4 important trend stories complete with 6 colours per trend including NCS Notations, insights about the trend drivers and inspirational mood boards.
  • International relevant colour palettes, applicable cross-industry.
  • Important materials and finishes for each trend.
  • Product size: 230 x 260 mm.
  • Fan deck size: 104 x 35mm.
  • A digital printed product.
  • Language: English