NCS Gloss Scale

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Pocket-size gloss scale to easily specify surface gloss for objects and environments.

Different greyscale colours in combination with different gloss levels are used to identify how light and gloss affect colours.

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Product Description

NCS Gloss Scale is a collection of glossy samples with white, light grey, mid-grey and black colour samples that show how gloss appears at different lightness values. A useful tool when the gloss level is to be defined and specified for different surfaces and materials. The collection contains seven even gloss levels (from full matt to full gloss) for every colour on the greyscale. The tool makes it possible to compare, analyse and define gloss on any surface.



  1. Contains colours from the greyscale: S 0500-N, S 2500-N, S 5000-N, S 9000-N
  2. Arranged according to visual equal gloss steps
  3. Full matt (gloss level 2), matt (gloss level 6), semi-matt (gloss level 12), Satin (gloss level 30), Semi-glossy (gloss level 50), Glossy (gloss level 75) and Full gloss (gloss level 95). Reflective gloss measured according to ISO 2813, 60°.
  4. Sample size: 100×140 mm
  5. Languages: English, German, Chinese & Swedish


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