NCS Glossy Index 1950

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A reference palette will all NCS 1950 standard colours in gloss finish for identification of glossy colours, surfaces and materials.

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Product Description

NCS Glossy Index is a collection of colour samples that allows you to quickly and easily see how light and gloss affect the colour. Which in turn makes it easy to assess and select colours.



  1. Colour sample collection of 1,950 colour references
  2. Arranged in five sets: greyscale, yellow (G80Y-Y70R), red (Y80R-R70B), blue (R80B-B70G) and green (B80G-G70Y)
  3. Stiff binder
  4. Sample: Gloss level: approx. 88 at 60° viewing angle
  5. 216 pages, 10 colours per page
  6. Colour stripe size: 20×50 mm, 26×50 mm for light colours.


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Dimensions 30 × 5.5 × 7.5 cm

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