NCS in Paint Stores

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This is an online course where you excel in selling colour. Learn how to solve the 10 most frequently asked and current questions from customers in paint stores. Avoid mistakes and get to the intended colour result quick and easy. Guide customers to desired colours and great combinations, as well as how to secure the desired colour on the wall.   

  • Manage the complexity of how colour changes due to surrounding conditions. 
  • Adjust the colour from the small colour sample to the paint on the large wall. 
  • Use NCS as a practical tool when guiding your customer. 
  • Work with colour areas and colour combinations. 
  • Course certificate included.
200.00 excl. VAT

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Product Description

This course is especially created for paint stores and based on the 10 most frequently asked questions today. This course is divided in 4 parts. During part 1-3 we lay a foundation of colour knowledge that is needed to be able to take on the 10 questions that we address during part 4. Step by step, you will deepen your colour knowledge throughout the course in both interior and exterior environments. Learn why the colour doesn’t look the same on the wall in your house as the colour sample in the store and learn how to manage that change. With NCS as your tool, you will be able to guide your customer to the right colour quick and easy. 



The course consists mainly of video learning with complementary reading and exercises. 
On the NCS e-learning training platform, you have the freedom to choose when you want 
to log in and complete the course. 

  • 4 hours of colour training. 
  • Included: The colour design principles for both interior and exterior environments, colour combinations for both interior and exterior environments, 10 common customer cases.  
  • The most frequently and currently asked questions in paint stores.  
  • Interactive colour exercises.



This course contains four parts that include colour knowledge for both interior and exterior environments, crucial to have knowledge about when working in a paint store.  

  • Basic colour knowledge 
  • Colour combinations 
  • Colour design principles for both interior and exterior environments  
  • Light 
  • Surrounding 
  • Gloss 
  • Structure 
  • Colour change  
  • From sample to finished result 
  • Safe colour areas 
  • Measuring colour 
  • Metamerism 
  • 10 cases 



  • Handle the most frequently asked and tricky questions from customers. 
  • Guide customer to accurate and quick colour decisions. 
  • Become confident in how to get the desired colour result.  
  • Excel at selling colour, not only paint.  



Personnel working in paint stores and interior and exterior paint retail.  



The course is available as e-learning and easy to access on computer/tablet/smartphone.  

  • Internet access needed. 
  • Access during 90 days from sign-up. 
  • Easy sign-up link that is individual for each participant. 
  • Certificate of completed course. 

Choose between English, Swedish, German or Portuguese. All videos are subtitled with original English speaker voice.   

Other languages developed on request and quote.   

Our customer service will gladly help you if you have any questions: info@ncscolour.com 


The NCS System is the only colour system that is 100% based on visual perception of colour. All our courses include the smart application of NCS in colour design, from planning to execution. The courses are developed by NCS Colour Academy colour experts in collaboration with professional designers, representatives from the industry as well as our network of lecturers, trend forecasters and colour experts from across the world.