NCS Inspire 1058

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The number one fan deck for interior decoration.

Seven chapters featuring the most popular colours in interior design. Colours arranged in themes frequently used by designers & architects worldwide.

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Product Description

NCS Inspire 1058 is a modern colour collection for interior decoration and exterior design. The colours are specifically selected based on NCS Colour’s extensive experience from producing colour collections for the industry and collaborating with leading designers and architects.


  • A theme-based fan deck that gives both inspiration and efficient colour navigation.
  • Includes 1058 NCS Standard colours.
  • Based on the perfect mix of desired colours that also are cost-efficient to produce.
  • Developed for intuitive and engaging colour selection.



A total of 1058 colours arranged according to seven (7) themes:

INDEPENDENT: Pure neutral colours, to combine with any other colour in the collection.

NATURE: Colours sampled from nature, the most widely used source of inspiration among creative professionals.

STILL: Subtle, deep colours for creating harmonious spaces.

PALE: Near white colours that provide an open atmosphere and light touch.

INTENSE: Strong colours to be used for accents and decoration.

RICH: Deep colours, offering luxury and elegance.

ESSENTIALS: A selection of nuances and hues, covering the complete colour space.

For more detailed description and inspiring pictures, please click here:Themes NCS Inspire 1058 English (PDF)



• 177 pages, 1058 colours.
• Colour notation reference in the back (9 pages).
• Instructions in English for how to find the colour you seek by using the logic behind the NCS System and NCS Notations.



Paper size: 220 mm x 50 mm, with rounded corners
Strip size: 27 mm x 50 mm and 82 x 50 mm
Paper: 200 grams

See additional information for actual product size and weight.



NCS Quality: Quality Level 1 according to SS019100. Quality reports are available at
Target gloss: 17,5 GU in 60° angle
Gloss tolerances: 95% of colours within 13-22 GU 60° angle
Quality control: NCS Edition 2 Quality Management in compliance with our ISO 9001 certificate


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