The visual evaluation of colour is the most important assessment. You have to be able to rely without reservation on the sample you’re looking at.

With NCS Calibrated Matching Standards, you get the world’s most accurate matching samples for colour reception. CMS is a collection of physically calibrated standards for quality control and reception of NCS 1950 standard colours.

CMS is used by technicians to meet the high NCS quality standards.

In order to ensure premium quality measurement, each CMS sample is measured and calibrated by NCS Quality Centre the day before delivery. Deviations from the NCS 1950 primary colour standards are specified on each sample. Guarantees for minimum tolerances are provided, with a deviation of less than ΔEcmc 1:1 = 0.5.

The samples are supplied in a storage box with one colour sample in A6 format for each NCS 1950 standard colour.
The CMS samples are stored in a black box to prevent damage caused by UV light and are sorted by hue, with a registration card between each hue.

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