Cambria® launched a natural quartz collection with designs based on the NCS System

6 oktober 2020

Family-owned, high-quality surface firm Cambria has launched an exclusive collection together with global architect firm Gensler. The NCS System was used in order to facilitate the design and production process.

A fine collaboration: American made and family-owned company Cambria® launched earlier this summer an exclusive natural quartz surface collection together with the world-renowned, global architect and consulting firm Gensler. The collection consists of 14 high-performing quartz designs, fit for both residential and commercial applications. The collection is named “The Coordinates Collection”.
SVP of Design Cambria, Summer Kath, describes the project:

The Coordinates Collection by Cambria is a collaboration with Gensler, the largest architectural and design firm in the world. The mission from the beginning was to create a collection of designs that were based on tones from the NCS so that they both coordinate with each other, and easily match other materials that are typically specified by commercial designers.”

The collection draws from six different NCS®© colours which represent two shades of white; three shades of light, medium, and dark charcoal gray; and one shade of black.

Using tones from the NCS made this project very easy. During the typical R&D of new Cambria designs, we often spend a lot of time tweaking the tones of our designs to get them right. By basing the collection on very specific tones that were already established and proven to be popular, we utilized our technology to match and produce these designs quicker and with confidence. We look forward to working with the NCS on future Cambria designs.

– Summer Kath, SVP of Design Cambria.

Textures range from concrete looks to terrazzo-inspired designs

During two years, Cambria and Gensler worked intensely to create classic designs that both work together and on their own. The designs can all be coordinated in many different ways, including tone and texture. The collection textures range from smooth and rugged concrete looks to terrazzo-inspired designs, and designs with organic veining. The tones match and coordinate, since they are all based in NCS®©. The designs carry names after U.S locations and their characteristics such as Foggy City™, Big Sur Mist™ and White Plains™.

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