CDW24 @ Tarkett Atelier

Colour: From Palette to Purpose

Enabling colour from palette to purpose by bridging the physical and digital world of colour and material. With Tarkett's professional flooring now launched in NCS+, you can utilise the NCS System to find your perfect colour and material combinations.


From whichever starting point

The features of digital platform NCS+ enables a seamless creative journey from whichever starting point. Whether you draw your inspiration from your surroundings or the digital world it is unified in a logical colour and material symbiosis, thanks to the NCS System.

Explore our starting points of Clerkenwell Design Week 2024 below – Sphere, Vase and Flower.

Creative freedom in NCS+

By continuing the work in the digital moodboard of NCS+, a greater creative freedom opens up. Combination features and related products suggestions allows for a refined selection that takes the colour and material combinations to the next level.

Creative Journey

A creative journey starting from the same object can take many paths. See the digital moodboard starting from the Vase in NCS+.

Colour and material combination

Tarkett launched in NCS+

The intelligence of the NCS System enables the categorisation of products and effectively makes it possible to digitally represent both solid-coloured and multi-coloured surfaces accurately. Tarkett's products will enrich the NCS+ platform and enable designers to search for specific colours, compare and harmonise materials within Tarkett’s collections, and create shareable moodboards.

Colours of Clerkenwell

Explore our gathered colour inspiration from Clerkenwell Design Week 2024 in moodboard below.