Pioneering partnership with Tarkett in NCS+

Just launched!

NCS+ now contains Tarkett material

We are thrilled to announce that Tarkett is the first partner of our digital colour platform NCS+. By browsing through the library of Tarkett’s flooring solutions you can identify and create harmonising colour designs with the help of the NCS System, enabling a digitised material and colour exploration for interior design. This is the first step for NCS+ to become an all-encompassing design platform, integrating both colours and materials – accelerating the design journey for architects, designers and creatives worldwide.

Colour and material combination

A deep dive into Tarkett’s material and colour design universe

Tarkett's products will enrich the NCS+ platform and enable designers to search for specific colours, compare and harmonise materials within Tarkett’s collections, and create shareable mood boards. As a first for both NCS Colour and Tarkett, the tool will be invaluable for designing spaces and coordinating colours and materials. NCS System-based design tools have been a long-time resource for Tarkett’s teams. A first-of-its-kind collaboration between the two is hoped to make it easier than ever to digitally navigate a universe of colour within Tarkett’s professional collections.

Seamless creative journeys

Enhanced colour and material exploration for interior design

NCS conducted a cartography of Tarektt’s professional collections to make it easier to navigate products by colour and material. All of Tarkett’s professional flooring and wall solutions were measured and visually assessed for the project. The intelligence of the NCS System enabled the categorisation of products and effectively made it possible to digitally represent both solid-coloured and multi-coloured surfaces accurately.

The NCS+ platform facilitates categorisation and visual representation of products, enabling colour and material exploration for interior design. The team-up with Tarkett mark the first time that physical materials are part of the NCS+ platform, and with the many more partners to come it will bring colour precision to creative professionals worldwide.

“We’re delighted to have Tarkett join NCS+ as the perfect first partner in our mission to empower designers and architects to explore harmonious colour, material and product designs quickly and precisely. With partners like Tarkett onboard, we can help generate more time for creativity and make the design process smoother for all interior design projects.”

– Marcus Mansjö, VP Product, NCS Colour

NCS Colour hunt

Join us at Clerkenwell Design Week 2024

Alongside Tarkett, we explore and discover how colour can shape our world in meaningful and impactful ways. Join us between May 21st and May 23rd at Tarkett Atelier.