Smart Colour Management cut costs for colour collections

Competition in the paint industry is increasing. Thus, the demand to offer color collections that are both in line with current trends and at the same time profitable is growing. To prepare for this challenge – and to maintain its strong market position, Korea's largest paint industry Samhwas turned to NCS Colour.


"To reduce 5000 colors to 950 pieces."

Project Manager, Samhwa Paints


Analysis and systematization provided a reasonable selection

Samhwa's colour range consisted of a total of 5000 colours, which meant high costs for control and handling. After an analysis of both Samhwa's and their competitors' colour range and with the support of the NCS system, Samhwa got a clear picture of what colours the collection would consist of.


Smart Colour Management led to a well-balanced collection

The number of colors was reduced from 5000 to 950. With the help of NCS, relevant colors for the Korean market were identified in combination with Samhwa's most popular colors. By handling a smaller number of colours, colour management costs were significantly reduced.

Korean Paint Industry Samhwas -  Colour Collection

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