Light, fluid colours reflect a liquid state of mind, blurring the line between the digital and physical worlds. We seamlessly blend light and airy aesthetics with technology to create immersive experiences in the multiverse.

the drivers

Our fluid, flowing and celestial selves

Our realities become liquid realities. AI makes us go further into this state of mind. Who are we really, and what do we want to be? We push ourselves to show personalities that are not us but instead, alternative personalities we wish to be. We create our “eras” and “avatars“ which exist in an illusionary parallel reality. Living in a multiverse introduces us to an ethereal mood, floating around in different realities. We have
our multiverses. We want to be multicultural. We praise multichoice. The emersion into this mood heals anxiety and expresses self-empowerment. It also reflects an obvious rebellion against all conservative schools and movements.

Abstract and playfully absurd

Digital reality introduces us to a world of liquid colours we want to have and adopt in our physical realities. The new kind of sustainable colouring techniques, such as food waste and bacteria, strengthen our focus on low chromatic, airy colours that perfectly represent our feelings of ourselves and where we are. The colours are extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world and are described as ethereal and beautiful. The ethereal mood pushes us to use abstract and sometimes playfully absurd shapes. We want to have disproportioned objects. The spaces we create should be dreamy.


The colour palette

The colours are similar in blackness (5-20%), and most of them are similar in chromaticness. They are also closely related in hue. This is a high-tech mood, making tech social. The light tech tones and positive nuances are returning, guided by the perfect dopamine colour of red that either starts or finalises our palette, marking the beginning or the end of our ethereal experience. These are multiverse colours! They are human tones with a silver accent, representing the collaboration between humankind and technology.

Example image.



Silver and other reflective materials summarise this airy, dreamy, ethereal feeling, reflecting our spirits from different worlds and emphasising beauty in our lives. Silver is also a quiet light grey in the true-blue hue. It brings a cool whiteness with clarity. All materials that are hypnotic, illusory, and shifting in appearance are important.

Now, we are replacing the warm, golden ones with the crisp, cold interior details. A fresh wind that adds newness. We already see silver, nickel, and chrome in everything from fashion to lamps, interior details, and furniture. These chromatic visuals are also tied to tech booms and futuristic innovations, with AI firmly in the zeitgeist. For 2025+, we seek to reflect the effects of these metals in combination with airy-coloured material, preferably tinted by food waste and bacteria.