NCS Colour announces partnership with Vectorworks

16 OCTOBER, 2023

NCS+ Pro is now integrated into Vectorworks! We are proud to announce our new collaboration with global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks. The integration now allows Vectorworks users to gain access to the innovative design software NCS+ Pro. 

NCS+ Pro: now as a plugin in Vectorworks, Inc.

With an NCS+ Pro subscription, you can identify, define and visualise NCS Colour concepts seamlessly into Vectorworks Colour Palette Manager. Integrating your colour concepts into your Vectorworks projects quickly and in an automated way, saves time on developing colour schemes and design iteration.

"The NCS+ Pro integration offers Vectorworks users an automated process, simplifying the development of colour concepts in their projects and opening up new avenues for expressing their creativity.”

– Vectorworks Senior Industry Specialist, Interior Architecture Kesoon Chance 

Making colours accessible

The Vectorworks solution will help you through the entire design process and the integration of NCS+ Pro will help the users get inspired, find the right colours and create mood boards throughout the design phase of a project. You can easily capture colours from the real world, extract the closest NCS colours from inspiration images and photos, translate to and from NCS and other colour systems, find harmonising colour combinations based on NCS similarities and collaborate with colleagues and clients. The NCS+ Pro plugin can be installed via the Install Partner Product command within the Vectorworks platform.

“By making NCS+ accessible to Vectorworks users, we empower a global community of designers and architects to revolutionize their work with colours. With the smartness of the NCS System incorporated into NCS+, we transform the intricate task of colour selection into an intuitive and enjoyable experience across all projects. Together, we're reshaping the landscape of colour design.”

– Elin Askfelt, CEO NCS Colour 

For Designers Who Want to Work Digitally with Colour 

The NCS+ Pro integration offers Vectorworks users access to the innovative web app that bridges impactful colour work with desktop compatibility. “NCS Colour is widely regarded as the global standard for exceptional color communication tools, and we are thrilled to offer our users the opportunity to access its extensive range of resources through this cutting-edge integration." expressed Vectorworks Senior Industry Specialist, Interior Architecture Kesoon Chance.   

About Vectorworks, Inc.

Vectorworks, Inc. is an award-winning design and BIM software provider serving the architecture, landscape architecture and entertainment industries in 85 countries. Built with designers in mind since 1985, Vectorworks software offers you the freedom to follow your imagination wherever it leads you. Globally more than 685,000 users are creating, connecting, and influencing the next generation of design with Vectorworks on Mac and Windows.

“Embracing our core mission of simplifying design processes for our customers, NCS is proud to collaborate with Vectorworks as our first distribution partner of NCS+.

– Elin Askfelt, CEO NCS Colour 

In conclusion, NCS Colour remains committed to continuously offer its users the best tools possible when working with colour. The partnership with Vectorworks is the perfect enabler in our mission to do so. Read more about NCS+ Pro on and enjoy the app in your Vectorworks projects.

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