NCS Ecosystem for Paint Stores

How much time can your valued customers and dedicated team search for the perfect colour? Our innovative paint store concept makes it easy for customers to choose colours, saving precious time and freeing your staff to offer expert guidance.

Paint store packages

Choose from our curated selection of displays, combined with our physical and digital tools and training to boost your point of sales, or reach out to our team to get a tailor-made solution for your shop.

NCS Store Package Small – Guide to Quick and Easy Colour Selection

This package is the ideal choice for any store looking to provide quick and easy guidance to their customers. Our handpicked display features 84 NCS Standard Colours. These carefully selected colours are an inspirational starting point to the final selection. The NCS Index 2050 assists in fine-tuning nuances to match your customer’s specific needs. Based on NCS digital training, you’ll learn how to communicate colour and assist your customers in creating beautiful colour combinations.

  • The perfect starting point for all types of stores
  • Effortlessly guide your customers
  • A thoughtfully curated colour selection suitable for confident recommendations

NCS Store Package Medium – Expert adviser for perfect colour selection

This package is for stores that want to stand out as colour advisors and enhance the customer experience.Begin with our handpicked colour selections, NCS Interior 84 or NCS Exterior 84. Utilise the NCS Atlas or NCS Index to fine-tune your chosen colour's nuances. Based on the digital training,” NCS in Paint Stores,” you can address the most frequently asked questions, enabling you to increase paint sales and ensure customer loyalty.

  • Tailored to stores that aim to stand out as colour advisors
  • Simplifies the colour decisions for customers
  • Assures confident guidance impacting customer experience and satisfaction

NCS Store Package Large – The Ultimate Colour Selection and Design

For stores that want to truly excel in selling colour and provide premium colour advice, this is the package for you.NCS Low Chromatic display caters to customers with meticulous colour choices. This smart display enables customers to fine-tune colours, adjusting them towards black, white, or chromatic nuances and warmer or cooler nuances, ensuring they get the exact colour they want.With the digital course “NCS in Paint Stores,” combined with “NCS Design Tools,” you are ready to create tailored colour designs for your customers.

  • Suited for stores that want to excel in colour sales
  • Professionally advise any customer on colour selection or design
  • Surpass customer expectations with your high level of colour skills

NCS Cascade Package – Impressive Colour Selection

If you want to inspire and impress your customers with unlimited colour selection, this is your package.The impressive Cascade Display features 980 NCS Standard Colours. What’s more, the NCS Atlas and NCS Block offer a complete collection of 2050 colours. Customers have endless possibilities and you have the tools to guide and design colour combinations.With the Colourpin II, customers can accurately measure colours and with the NCS+ App, they can save and share selected colours.

  • Offers endless creative possibilities and colour selection
  • Provides expert colour advice for any space
  • Improves your store as the premier choice for colour selection and sales

Colour academy

Become an expert colour adviser

Develop your colour advising skills with NCS Colour Academy's NCS In Paint Store course.Improve your skills in selling colours and help your customers solve some of the most common problems.