Simplified colour journey & communication

Simplified colour journey & communication

NCS Colour Solutions

With NCS Colour solutions, it’s easy to select and communicate colours. Based on our colour codes, you can seamlessly pick the perfect colour for your project, support customers at your paint store or ensure your products are manufactured with the right colour. Faster, smoother and with accuracy.

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Translate your customers’ vision into reality

Translate your customers’ vision into reality

Elevate the customer in-store experience by mastering colours with NCS. With our smart physical and digital sales and marketing tools, your customers can make swift and spot-on colour choices. How much time can your valued customers and dedicated team search for the perfect colour? Our innovative paint store concept makes it easy for customers to choose colours, saving precious time and freeing your staff to offer expert guidance.

Inspirational bathroom with NCS Codes

become an NCS Licensee

Unlock your colour expertise with NCS Inside

By securing this licence, you gain access to NCS Standard colours with the unlimited capability to match colours on any material. You are equipped with a universal colour language to realise any project. You benefit from marketing support, the ability to handpick collections, participate in exclusive digital events and learn about the latest colour trends and developments. Join the community of colour masters.

INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS: Manufacture with the NCS System

Industry Solutions

Manufacture with the NCS System

With over 40 years of revolutionising colour communication and offering colour management services, we know the complexity in managing colours in your production. By managing thousands of colour standards for some of the most demanding industrial applications and markets in the world we have a unique know-how to offer.


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