2023+ promises re-newal – joyful, confident and bold.

2023+ is a re-year. It is a year of a re-invention, a year that represents the new normal. We re-focus on the re-flourishing of our planet, with a sense of individual responsibility. It will be a very physical and very digital world. These worlds will join and co-exist. In 2023+ our big challenge is to make sure that our new normal is a better new normal. We cannot linger in the past anymore. We do not want that.

Discover more of NCS Trends 2023+ and indulge in trend directions Cocooning, Passages, Re-genesis and KidultZ.



"We cocoon ourselves consciously to find warmth and intimacy, to charge our batteries for a new normal. Here is our place to nourish our hopes and nurture ourselves, before we emerge."



"Our roots and traditions cannot hold us back. We are heading toward a new normal. Discover a new adventure. Like our ancestors, we set out into the unknown, to brave the elements."



"The surge of a new normal, where we are who we really are and want to be. Re-Genesis is the new normal from our most rooted and traditional values to a new, sincere and profoundly personal normal."



"We will create a new normal, a huge mission. But let us do this playfully and with joy! The surge of a new normal, where we are, who we really are, and want to be."

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