White Delight

Discover our 16 new hues of tinted whites, expanding your colour palette.

White Delight

Colour area

White Delight

Tinted whites are colours with a slight chromaticness. They are very popular and increase your possibilities to be “on” colour, but still, give the feeling of being light and fresh. Within this area, we are launching 16 new hues, going from -R to G50YWe are also launching two brand new nuance positions in the NCS Circle; NCS S 0601 and NCS S 1001. This area will include ten 10 colours, which we refer to as off-whites.

White Delight NCS S 0601-Y

Hero colour

Prime White

White makes our spaces light, open and big. The white area is also the area where our colour perception is the most sensitive. We can perceive very small colour differences in this light area. Therefore, we are introducing brand-new Y, R, B and G 0601 and 1001 colours, to give users greater control when choosing these colours. Here, you find Prime White, NCS S 0601-Y, the perfect choice for a warmer white.