NCS Certified Box
Hand displaying a colour sample from the NCS Certified Box
Hand displaying a colour sample from the NCS Certified Box

NCS Certified Box

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Certified collection of all NCS Standard colours, in NCS Quality Level 1. Perfect for colour matching and quality assessments.


The Certified NCS Box is delivered with a quality certificate for all the included colours from the NCS Reference Lab, displaying the offset of each individual sample to the NCS Primary Master.

Perfect for colour matching and quality assessments within production or lab settings within the decorative coatings industry, production of decorative materials, furniture, kitchens, home appliances and other physical goods where the highest colour accuracy against physical NCS standards is needed.

Key features

The complete range of NCS Standard Colours Coated paper samples in A6, arranged according to hue

Quality certificate in digital and print Measurement
file with reflectance data, L*a*b and NCS values.

  • Organized according to hue
  • Indexing cards separates each hue
  • Each hue includes all nuances in the hue family

Quality Level 1 (80% < 0,5 ∆E00, 100% <1,0 ∆E00 in D65 daylight)

TARGET GLOSS: 17.5 GU in 60° angle

GLOSS TOLERANCES: 100% of colours within 12-21 GU in 60° angle

MEASUREMENT REPORT: Excel file with Lab offset and ∆E00 to NCS Primary Master in D65/10° as well as reflectance data, in accordance with Swedish Standard SS 19104.


SAMPLE PACKAGING: Samples are placed in an NCS Box to prevent daylight damage and for safe storage over time.

CERTIFICATE VALIDITY: 2 years from date of measurement

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