Bao lamp in Ethereal trend colours

TREND 2025

Julie Lansom designs using NCS Colour Trends 2025+

Discover how designer Julie Lansom incorporates the colours of trend direction Ethereal into her renowned 'Bao Lamp'. What is her inspiration? Take part of her project below.

Trend Fandeck Ethereal 2025+

the project

Choosing the colours of Ethereal

I’ve chosen this palette from NCS Colour Trends 2025+ because I am very interested in the contrast between the bold orange and the softer, more delicate colours. There is also a metallic/futuristic aesthetic which makes me think of outer-space, the galaxy and beyond. 

Design process

The design process begins with colour matching the yarn for the right Ethereal colours. All Bao Lamps are handwoven by me in my workshop in Marseille, and they are made of steel and french cotton thread.

The Ethereal palette

Once the lamp was woven, I could integrate it to my moodboard on NCS+ and work on the set design which included the remaining three colours of the palette.

For the styling, I wanted to recreate the ethereal atmosphere of the palette using the light and cold celestial blue for the background and the grey and purple for the objects, floating like absurd planets around this big orange sphere.  

My intentions for the final result were to be airy, dreamy and to give you peace of mind. To have a little bit of a psychedelic vibe whilst taking you to a meditative state. This is a remedy to anxiety.

I loved working with NCS because I am absolutely obsessed with colours – and there is no better tool than the NCS System for that. And the features offered in NCS+ are perfect to imagine and visualise the whole project.